Monday, October 19, 2009

When is a book more fun than the computer?

Just the other day the library received a donation of a copy of the 1877 Illustrated Historical Atlas of the County of Halton. Although the library already owns several copies, (including an original 1877 copy signed by the first Reeve of Wellington Square), I was excited to accept it. Researchers love using these wonderful oversized books. They exist for all counties of Ontario, but I think what really makes them special is how visual they are - you can see the landowners names on the allotments. In addition, the atlases contain county histories, and include sketchings of important local sites and persons (read, those local folk who financially subscribed to the publication of the atlas). Yes you can access these atlases online (go to The Canadian Atlas Digital Project). Nothing beats using the print copies though. Next time you are in the Burlington Central library ask us to show them to you. You won't be disappointed.

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Library Lady said...

I think you do a really fantastic job keeping this blog interesting, Chris. From the organization and the layout, to the short and informative articles. There's nothing overwhelming, and it's all very timely and I'm sure hugely appreciated by the community.

Great job putting you training skills to good use.