Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Home Children - in the news

From 1869 to 1939, an estimated 100,000 orphaned or abandoned children were taken off the streets of Britain and sent to Canada and other former British colonies with the promise of a better life. Some studies have shown that up to two-thirds were abused by their patrons in Canada. Yesterday, November 16th, Australia offered a formal apology to all Home Children sent there, with Britain planning to do the same thing next year. The Canadian government has said that no such apology is being planned. There is currently a private member's motion to declare 2010 as the Year of the Home Child. Read about current news. Learn more about Home Children.
photograph - immigrant children from Dr. Barnardos Homes at Landing Stage, St. John, New Brunswick, undated.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Estaminet - new heritage designation

The old Estaminet Restaurant - which has been Emma's Back Porch downstairs and The Water Street Cooker upstairs for nearly 20 years - has been voted by Burlington City Council to be protected under the Ontario Heritage Act.* This historic building which opened in 1919 is in the middle of the Old Lakeshore Road precinct, an area to undergo future development. You can read the Old Lakeshore Road Precinct Urban Design Guidelines if you want to learn more.

*Once a property has been designated under Part IV of the Act, a property owner must apply to the local municipality for a permit to undertake alterations to any of the identified heritage elements of the property or to demolish any buildings or structures on the property.