Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Volunteers needed for Burlington's First Doors Open

Burlington is hosting it's very first Doors Open event this June (Sat. June 12 and Sun. June 13). For those of you who haven't had the pleasure to attend a past Doors Open event in a participating community, here's how it works. A community will pick a number of heritage related sites and those sites kindly open their doors for free to the general public. It usually runs over a weekend, and each site is run by volunteers who welcome, interpret and answer questions about the historic importance of each location. Sites are usually located within walking distance to each other, while others require a drive in the country. Nearby communites such as Hamilton, Guelph and Oakville have had great turnouts in past years. To read more about Doors Open events in Ontario in general click here. To reach Doors Open Burlington website click here. Volunteer application forms and information are on the site. The event is entirely volunteer driven and we will need well over 100 volunteers to make it work. I encourage anyone interested in Burlington's heritage to consider giving a few hours of your time and sign up for this great event.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Celebrate Heritage in Burlington all month long

This year the Burlington Heritage Week Committee has stretched the community celebration to last the entire month of February. The events are spread throughout the city. For example - Paletta Mansion is having an open house as is the Halton Region Museum, Joseph Brant Museum in holding an Antique Clinic, and Central Library is hosting a number of talks such as The Design of an Historic Garden at Dundurn Castle and also The History of the Freeman Railway Station. Details about these events and many more can be found by clicking here, (be sure to scroll down to where it says "For a detailed list of upcoming Heritage Month Events" for the information).

PS - you have to love technology - I am posting this blog entry from Glasgow, Scotland having just visited the fabulous Stirling Castle!