Thursday, October 30, 2008

Concrete versus Marble

For those of you following the on-going saga of the renovation of Hamilton City Hall, The Hamilton Spectator ran a story today stating that marble loses, white concrete panels will be replacing the marble on the outside of the renovated City Hall, set to be finished by July 2010.

Council voted 10-4 in favour of concrete cladding rather than replacing the Georgia marble - the decision was made due to cost. Mayor Fred Eisenberger said " absolutely the wrong material". Mayor Eisenberger ran an online poll on the decision - the results were 258 for marble vs 60 for concrete.

Because City Hall has been designated a heritage building under the Ontario Heritage Act in 2005, council had to vote itself an excemption over objections from the Municipal Heritage Committee and city planning staff!

Hamilton City Hall is a rare example of the International Style of Architecture, a well known example being the United Nations Building in New York City.

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